General Plan Timeline


October 2016

  • Newsletter

    Read our newsletter for facts and information on the General Plan Update and upcoming events.

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  • January Workshop

    Kern 101 & Healthy Communities

    Healthy Communities: Ensures walkable, bicycle-friendly communities with access to fresh food, health care and other factors of a healthy place to live and work.

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  • February Workshop

    Healthy Communities & Land Use

    Healthy Communities: Ensures a healthy place to live and work. Land Use: Establishes land use designations and patterns to support economic stability while protecting our quality of life.

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  • March Workshop

    Land Use, Circulation, Open Space & Conservation

    Land Use: Establishes land use designations.  Circulation: Guides transportation decisions for automobiles, bicycles, pedestrians and mass transit.  Open Space: Provides measures to protect and improve open spaces.  Conservation: Addresses protection and enhancement of natural and cultural resources.

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  • April Workshop

    Water & Housing

    Water: Ensures water resources are sustained and protected.  Housing: Plans for housing to meet the needs of all sections of the County.

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  • May Workshop

    Energy & Military Readiness

    Energy: Provides measures that reduce energy use and encourage alternative energy development.  Military Readiness: Addresses military needs such as land, restricted air space and housing.

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  • June Workshop

    Safety, Noise & Recap

    Safety: Addresses hazards such as fires, flooding, geological hazards and hazardous materials.  Noise: Addresses noise-generating and noise-sensitive land uses.

  • March 20, 2018

    Staff Briefing to Board of Supervisors

    Report on Outreach
    Staff Report

  • May - August 2018

    Plan Development

    Develop the draft General Plan through Focused Issue workshops.

  • 2018

    Draft General Plan Begins Circulating

    A draft General Plan document will begin circulating for public review and comment.

  • 2019

    Environmental Analysis

    An analysis of the environmental effects of implementing the General Plan through a Program Level Environmental Impact Report.

  • 2019

    Final EIR

    Circulation of the final proposed General Plan and Program Level EIR will be made available for public review and comment.

  • 2019

    Board of Supervisors Hearing

    The Board of Supervisors will consider the General Plan Update at a series of public hearings.

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