Housing Programs

The Community Development Division / Housing Program administers the HOME program. For this source of funds, the list of potentially eligible activities related to housing development and rehabilitation is long and includes:

  • Rehabilitation of owner and rental units
  • Acquisition of real property for housing
  • Construction of new units for sale or rent
  • Acquisition of land for new construction
  • Reconstruction of residential units
  • Development costs/fees
  • Transitional housing, single room occupancy housing and group homes
  • Demolition of substandard structures where new units will be built

Eligible properties include those that are or will be owner-occupied, rental units, transition housing for people who are homeless, and units that meet needs of those who are classified as special users, people with a developmental disability, mental illness or other condition which restricts their ability to function independently.

To submit a potential housing development project for preliminary considerations, Please refer to the HOME Program Housing Developer Pre-Application.

In addition to these County programs, the Housing Authority of the County of Kern offers additional information regarding the availability of affordable rental housing on their Affordable Housing page.

Home Improvement Loan Program

Home Access Grant Program

For further information, contact the Planning and Natural Resources Department at (661) 862-5050