Public Facilities, Public Improvements

Federal regulations specify that all projects and programs funded with CDBG funds must be both “Eligible” for funding and meet one of three “National Objectives.”

Examples of Eligible Activities:

  • Public Facilities, including but not limited to acquisition for, design, construction, reconstruction or rehabilitation of:
    • Community/Neighborhood Centers
    • Senior Centers
    • Child Day Care Facilities
    • Centers for the Handicapped
    • Parks/Recreation Facilities
    • Branch Fire Stations
    • Branch Libraries
    • Shelters and Rehab Centers for Specific Groups
    • Health Facilities
  • Public Improvements
    • Domestic Water System Improvements
    • Fire Prevention Improvements
    • Sewer System Improvements
    • Drainage Facilities
    • Removal of Architectural Barriers
    • Street Improvements
    • Improvements to Public and Private Utilities
    • Demolishing of Substandard Structures
  • Public Services (only as approved by the Board of Supervisors)
  • Housing Programs
  • Economic Development

For further information, contact the Planning and Natural Resources Department at (661) 862-5050