November 21, 2018

Environmental Documents

See also: Notices of Preparation to view notices stating that Environmental Impact Reports will be prepared for various major projects. For additional help in viewing a PDF within your browser click here.

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Environmental Documents Archive


Boron Commercial Development Project
Posted On: 2018-07-24 04:21Last Updated: 2018-10-11 03:51learn more
Clean Harbors Hazardous Waste Disposal Facility Project
Posted On: 07/02/2012Last Updated: 07/02/2012learn more
Fremont Solar (Springbok 2 Solar Farm) Project
Posted On: 04/10/2015Last Updated: 04/10/2015learn more
Golden Hills Wastewater Treatment System Improvement Project
Posted On: 09/02/2016Last Updated: 09/02/2016learn more
Highway 46 Warehouse Project
Posted On: 2018-02-22 04:47Last Updated: 2018-09-14 09:30learn more
RE Garland Solar Project
Posted On: 06/01/2015Last Updated: 06/01/2015learn more
RE Gaskell West Solar Project
Posted On: 02/28/2017Last Updated: 02/28/2017learn more
Recology Blossom Valley Organics – South
Posted On: 2018-05-22 02:00Last Updated: 2018-08-10 03:17learn more
Ridgecrest Recycling & Sanitary Landfill
Posted On: 07/06/2015Last Updated: 07/06/2015learn more
San Emidio Quarry Expansion Project
Posted On: 10/03/2016Last Updated: 10/03/2016learn more
Valentine Solar Project
Posted On: 05/31/2016Last Updated: 05/31/2016learn more
Valley Solar Project – Addendum by Rival Power and Energy
Posted On: 10/05/2015Last Updated: 10/05/2015learn more
Windhub Solar Project
Posted On: 2018-08-22 04:19Last Updated: 2018-08-22 04:23learn more
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