Vacant Residential Parcels

The Vacant Residential Parcels project is a housing focused program, created to address our homelessness crisis with expedited processing and encouraging innovation for transitional, supportive, and permanent housing. One of the program’s goals is to develop tools to assist users in locating vacant residential properties and to provide permit cost transparency. 

Parcel Viewer Web Map

Explore the vacant, residential parcel inventory using this interactive and comprehensive web map. Features of this web map include multiple search options, updated data layers applicable to housing development and fee assessment, and the option to print parcel reports. These parcel reports contain general parcel characteristics, possible physical constraints overlays, surrounding amenities, nearby infrastructure, and department/agency contact information.

Building Permit Fee Estimator

To facilitate permit cost transparency, this web application outlines the residential building permits available to new construction and their potential estimated fees. It can be utilized to explore various development scenarios by varying building types and sizes. Helpful tips and an information guide are included within the application for ease of use.

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