September 20, 2019

Notices of Preparation

See also: Environmental Impact Reports for current projects

Amendment to Title 19 - Kern County Zoning Ordinance (2018-A) for Agricultural Use of Biosolids July, 2018 2.57 MB
AV Apollo Solar Project by Sunbow Solar I LLC, Syracuse Solar LLC, and Tours Solar LLC August, 2017 1.68 MB
AVEP Solar Project by Chaparral Solar, LLC, Rabbitbrush Solar, LLC, and Tumbleweed Solar, LLC September, 2019 5.86 MB
BigBeau Solar, LLC by EDF Renewables Development, Inc July, 2019 9.4 MB
Boron Commercial Development Project by Lane Engineers, Inc. March, 2017 4.88 MB
Camino Solar Project by Aurora Solar, LLC June, 2018 2.17 MB
Community Recycling and Resource Recovery, Inc Project by Community Recycling and Resource Recovery, Inc March, 2013 2.72 MB
Desert Solar Projects by enXco March, 2010 4.44 MB
Edwards AFB Solar Project by Edwards AFB Solar, LLC November, 2017 2.47 MB
Eland 1 Solar Project by 68SF 8me LLC July, 2018 3.3 MB
Golden Hills Wastewater Treatment System Improvement Project by the Golden Hills Community Services District January, 2016 7.53 MB
Grapevine Specific and Community Plan by Tejon Ranchcorp (2019) April, 2019 18.2 MB
Grapevine Specific and Community Plan by Tejon Grapevine, LLC (RESCINDED) April, 2014 1.37 MB
High Desert Solar by Element Power April, 2011 28.92 MB
Highway 46 Warehouse Project by Highway 58, LLC June 22, 2016 9.03 MB
Indian Wells Valley Land Management Plan July, 2014 25.1 MB
Johe Ranch Mining Project by Diatom, LLC January, 2019 8.58 MB
Kern Solar Ranch Project by Kern Solar, LLC January, 2013 2.37 MB
Kern County Marijuana Land Use Ordinance January, 2017 2.37 MB
Landings Logistics Center Project by McIntosh and Associates June, 2019 7.77 MB
Monte Vista Solar Array by First Solar, Inc. March, 2010 1.5 MB
Nautilus Solar Energy Photovoltaic Project June, 2010 2.26 MB
Oro Verde Solar Project by Sun Edison, LLC  •  Contact email: May, 2013 3.05 MB
Pastoria Solar Project by Pastoria Solar Energy Company, LLC September, 2019 5.91 MB
Raceway Solar Project by Sustainable Power Group, LLC July, 2018 2.72 MB
RB Inyokern Solar NOP-IS July 12, 2017 2.73 MB
RE Garland Solar Project by RE Garland, LLC September, 2014 1.58 MB
RE Gaskell West Solar by Recurrent Energy Gaskell West LLC July, 2016 2.83 MB
Recology Blossom Valley Organics - South (BVOS) March, 2017 9.08 MB
San Emidio Quarry Expansion Project May, 2014 4.40 MB
Sanborn Solar Project by Sanborn Solar, LLC June, 2019 12.67 MB
South Kern Industrial Center Composting Facility by Synagro Technologies, Inc. October, 2018 9.07 MB
Supplemental Environmental Impact Report for Approved Amendments to Title 19 - Kern County Zoning Ordinance (2015C) Focused on Oil and Gas Local Permitting May 31, 2018 3.44 MB
Twissleman Solar Project by SunEdison November, 2013 25.4 MB
Windhub Solar Project by Windhub Solar A, LLC and Windhub Solar B, LLC November, 2015 7.9 MB
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