About Planning & Natural Resources

The Planning and Natural Resources Department provides consolidated land use planning and community development programs for the County's residents. We are proud to fulfill a mission that fosters economic vitality, supports resource conservation, and serves the diverse needs of Kern County residents, including those with lower incomes, by improving their economic, environmental, and social quality of life.

Most Popular FAQ's

Can a certificate of compliance be issued for illegal parcels?

On occasion, we find that parcels have been created after March 4, 1972, in violation of the Subdivision Map Act and local ordinance. In such ...

Does a certificate of compliance mean that all laws are satisfied?

The issuance of a Certificate of Compliance simply means that the parcel complies with the Subdivision Map Act and the Kern County Land Division Ordinance. It does ...

How long does it take to process a certificate of compliance?

The Planning and Natural Resources Department will attempt to process requests for Certificates of Compliance within thirty (30) days. Of course this time may be ...

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