About Planning & Natural Resources

The Planning and Natural Resources Department provides consolidated land use planning and community development programs for the County's residents. We are proud to fulfill a mission that fosters economic vitality, supports resource conservation, and serves the diverse needs of Kern County residents, including those with lower incomes, by improving their economic, environmental, and social quality of life.

Most Popular FAQ's

What are the special development standards?

The Kern County Zoning Ordinance regulates the use of private property. It lists certain allowed uses according to the zoning of the property. Zoning districts ...

What is the process a tract map goes through?

After a tract map application has been formally accepted as complete, the map is sent to governmental agencies and utility companies for review and comment. ...

What happens after the lot line adjustment application is accepted as complete?

Under normal circumstances, the lot line adjustment process does not require any public hearings or notifications. As such, the processing of this kind of request ...

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