What are the submittal requirements for a zone change?

Applications can be mailed, obtained directly from the Department, or their website. Submittal requirements include the payment of filing fees, authorization of the property owner, a legal description of the site, a scaled plot plan, and a completed “Hazardous Waste Site Verification Statement.”

The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requires that an environmental study be prepared for certain types of discretionary permits. If it is determined that a study will be required, the applicant will be requested to submit a completed Environmental Information Form, which contains specific questions about the project. Technical reports, such as biota studies, traffic studies, archaeological reports, and groundwater reports, may be required to complete the process. The environmental study may take the form of a Negative Declaration, a Mitigated Negative Declaration, or an Environmental Impact Report. The preparation of an environmental study will require additional filing fees and processing time. This will be determined with the preliminary review of the application.

Forms and applications can be found HERE.