What is the process for a general plan amendment application?

After the general plan amendment application is accepted as complete, work begins on determining the appropriate type of environmental document for the project.  An initial study is drafted and sent to various local, state, federal, and private agencies asking for their comments.  A determination for the appropriate environmental document is made.  For additional information on this procedure, see the pamphlet regarding the environmental process.

On completion of the environmental document, the request is set for public hearing before the Kern County Planning Commission.  The Planning Commission is not constrained by the “windows” provision of state law that applies to the Board of Supervisors.  Therefore, the Commission will hold one (1) or more public hearing to maximize public input into the project. On the conclusion of these hearings, the Planning Commission will forward a recommendation to the Board of Supervisors for final consideration.  The Board will consider the proposed amendment at one of the designated “windows.”