How long does it take to process a lot line adjustment?

Over-the-counter processing is offered for proposed lot line adjustments containing parcels/lots that were previously included in a lot line adjustment, were created through the recordation of a parcel map waiverparcel map, or tract map, or have a recorded Certificate of Compliance issued by the County of Kern. If there is any question with regard to the legality of the parcels involved, the existence of legal access to the site, or if the proposal requires the processing of a development variation or discretionary action, the lot line adjustment cannot be approved over the counter.

For simple lot line adjustments that do not qualify for over-the-counter processing, you should expect an initial written response within 30 days of submittal of the application for preliminary review. Once the application is complete and the processing fees have been paid, a simple lot line adjustment takes about eleven (11) working days to obtain a Notice of Decision. Due to the shortened processing time frame, no advance report is prepared. Instead, copies of the agency comments received during the review period are included with the Notice of Decision.

In cases where a development variation or discretionary action is required in conjunction with the lot line adjustment, once the processing fees have been paid and the application is deemed complete, it requires approximately 50 days to obtain of the Notice of Decision or to be heard at a Director’s Hearing, where action is taken. The illustrations are sent to several government agencies, utility companies, and the public for review and comment. A Notice of Opportunity for Public Hearing or Notice of Public Hearing, when processed concurrently with a discretionary action, is sent to all property owners within 500 feet or 1,000 feet of the site, depending on existing lot sizes in the area, and is published in the local newspaper.

Comments received during the review period are compiled by the Planning and Natural Resources Department and a list of recommended conditions of approval and recommended findings are prepared. The recommendation, along with copies of the comments received, known as the “Advance Report”, is forwarded to the applicant’s engineer/surveyor approximately fifteen (15) days before final action is scheduled on the lot line adjustment. This time is provided so that the applicant can review the draft recommendation and discuss it with the Department or any commenting agency. Applicants are strongly encouraged to carefully read the Advance Report and contact the Staff planner about any questions, or concerns prior to the action date. On a predetermined date, a Notice of Decision is issued or a hearing is held to conditionally approve or deny the lot line adjustment. At this point, if the lot line adjustment is approved, it is considered to be “tentatively approved.”

Upon verification that all of the conditions of approval have been satisfied, a minimum of one (1) week is needed to prepare the Certificate of Compliance for recording.