What happens after the precise development plan is approved?

Any decision rendered at the Director’s Hearing is subject to appeal by any interested party. The appeal period is fourteen (14) calendar days, including the date of hearing. If no appeal is filed, the PD plan will become effective after the appeal period is over. If an appeal is submitted, it will be scheduled for hearing before the Board of Supervisors, and further action is suspended until the appeal is resolved. No grading or building permits can be issued until the end of the appeal period.

Some conditions of approval require compliance prior to issuance of building permits, while others must be complied with by the time of final inspection. If no building permits are required, the conditions must be satisfied prior to establishment of any use on the project site. Applicants have a two (2) year time period to obtain permits or establish the proposed use. If an extension of time becomes necessary, it must be submitted prior to the project’s expiration date.