How is the estray ordinance amended?

There is a formal application for amending the estray ordinance.  Applicants wishing to amend the ordinance should submit a completed application to the Planning and Natural Resources Department with the appropriate filing fee.  A legal description of the property involved in the request is required.  It is possible to request that open range be closed or that closed range be opened.  If more than one (1) property owner is involved, the Department will require letters of authorization.

Because an amendment to the estray ordinance is a project, as defined by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), submittal of certain environmental information may be required.  In order to determine whether or not an environmental document will be required, the applicant may request an appointment to meet with a member of the planning staff; otherwise this determination will be made when a review of the request is made.

Forms and applications can be found HERE.