Kern County Cannabis Land Use Ordinance Project

Final EIR

Volume 1: Chapters 1-10 (19 MB)

Volume 2: Appendices A-J (25.4 MB)

Volume 3: Appendices K-O (7.29 MB)

Volume 4: Response to Comments (22.2 MB)

*Please be advised*Staff has recommended additional changes to the ordinances contained in the environmental document. Please refer to the 09/28/2017 Planning Commission staff report for the most current proposed ordinance and staff recommendations.

Proposed Ordinances – RTC Versions

Option A (443 KB)

Option B (2.14 MB)

Proposed Ordinances – DEIR Versions

Option A (331 KB)

Option B (631 KB)

Staff Reports

10/12/2017 Planning Commission Staff Report (32 MB)

Figure 19.120.030 Maps (14.6 MB)

Figure 19.120.030 Detail Maps (43.4 MB)

Proposed Ordinances – 10/12/2017 Planning Commission Versions

Option A (2.66 MB)

Option B (5.91 MB)

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