Kern County 2023-2031 Housing Element Update

The County of Kern is undertaking an update of the Housing Element of the General Plan in accordance to State law for the planning period 2023-2031. The Housing Element provides an identification and analysis of existing and projected housing needs and a statement of goals, policies, and implementation programs that enable Kern County to meet its share of Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA), including the needs of special needs groups and all economic segments of the County.

The Housing Element of the General Plan has two purposes:

  1. To provide an assessment of both current and future housing needs and constraints in meeting resident’s needs.
  2. To provide a strategy that establishes housing goals, policies, and programs.

This Housing Element represents Kern County’s long-term commitment to the development and improvement of housing. This element identifies strategies and programs that focus on:

  1. Preserving and improving housing and neighborhoods.
  2. Providing adequate housing sites.
  3. Assisting in the provision of affordable housing.
  4. Removing governmental and other constraints to housing investment.
  5. Promoting fair and equal housing opportunities.

For questions or comments regarding the 2023-2031 Housing Element Update, please contact:

Plan Development/Special Projects
Phone: (661)-862-8600