What happens after the lot line adjustment application is accepted as complete?

Under normal circumstances, the lot line adjustment process does not require any public hearings or notifications. As such, the processing of this kind of request can be relatively quick. Once the application is determined to be sufficient for processing, the final processing fees will be requested.

The Department will next request that the County Surveyor review the proposed legal description. If the legal description is satisfactory and everything else is in order, a Notice of Decision (letter) will be sent to your representative informing them of our action. The Notice will contain conditions of approval that must be met in order to obtain a Certificate of Compliance.

At this point, your lot line adjustment is approved (in concept). However, the lot lines are not yet adjusted. In cases where a development variation or discretionary action is required in conjunction with the lot line adjustment, processing times are extended due to the expanded agency review list and public notification requirements.

Typical conditions of approval include a requirement that you: submit an updated preliminary title report (less than ten (10) days old), record a deed creating the newly configured parcels, and modify and rerecord any deeds of trust affecting the property so that they reflect the new configuration.

Once all of the conditions of approval have been satisfied, this Department works with your title company to coordinate the recording of all the necessary documents. The Certificate of Compliance is a legal document certifying that the newly configured parcels have been legally created. Title companies and financial institutions recognize a Certificate of Compliance as constituting verification of the legal parcel configuration.