Does everyone pay this fee?

Unless separate mitigation has been agreed upon by the wildlife agencies, all new development that is covered by the program pays the habitat mitigation fee.

There is also a limited number of activities for which payment of a habitat mitigation fee is not required under the terms of the program, either because the activities are not covered by the program or because of the activity’s minimal impact. Those activities include:

  • Additions, remodels, or reconstruction totaling not more that a 50% increase over the existing development.
  • Replacement of a mobilehome.
  • Oil and gas production and extraction.
  • Commercial agriculture (where permitted) including equipment buildings, storage, barns, and agricultural housing.
  • Development on property for which wildlife agencies have already granted “incidental take permits”.
  • Demolition.
  • Development on property for which an Interim HCP fee was paid before the current program was approved.